NRMP remains a trusted partner in the transition from undergraduate to graduate medical education. The 2019 Main Residency Match was the largest on record when measured by the numbers of applicants and positions offered and filled. Participation by students and graduates of osteopathic medical schools grew by 29 percent, and the number of available PGY-1 positions rose by 5 percent.
The 2019 American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Match was the last of its kind, creating the first Single Match for MD and DO students in 2020.


  • 44,603 registrants
  • 32,194 PGY-1 positions; 35,185 total positions
  • 17,763 U.S. allopathic seniors matched to PGY-1 positions
  •   5,076 U.S. osteopathic students and graduates matched to PGY-1 positions
  •   4,028 non-U.S. international medical graduates matched to PGY-1 positions

Active Applicants: 2018-2019

PGY-1 Positions Offered and Filled: 2015-2019

The 2019 Main Residency Match gained 2,018 positions, the largest one-year jump since the All In Policy was implemented in 2013.  Much of the growth was due to the addition of programs that previously participated in the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Match. Growth was most noticeable in the following specialties:
  • Internal Medicine – 574 positions
  • Family Medicine – 478 positions
  • Emergency Medicine – 210 positions
  • Psychiatry – 184 positions
  • Transitional Year – 166 positions
There was a decrease of 205 Surgery-Preliminary position in the 2019 Match, likely due in part to the establishment of integrated Urology programs per changes in ACGME program requirements.


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