Leverage the role and impact of The Match in informing trends in the physician workforce and fostering equity in physician distribution that improves population health outcomes. The NRMP broadened its reach in the community, working to educate policymakers and community stakeholders about The Match and its decades-long history of trust, accuracy, and accountability in feeding the pipeline of the medical profession. 

In 2023, The Match Informs..

Geographic distribution of positions

  • Match data reveals where, by US census region, the numbers of training positions are more (Mid Atlantic) and less (East South Central; Mountain) dense.

  • Match data also points to applicant geographic preferences for training:  West North Central and New England regions fill more positions compared to South Atlantic and Mid Atlantic regions.

Trends in specialties offered and filled

  • Puerto Rico, a US territory, offers no residency training opportunities in Neurological Surgery,  Plastic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, or Thoracic or Vascular Surgery.

  • Cardiovascular Disease, among the largest of fellowships, filled all positions across census regions; Gastroenterology filled all but one position. Geriatric Medicine and Nephrology had among the most unfilled positions.

The Match as a National Partner

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The NRMP provides policy guidance to medical schools that graduate students in three years, getting them in training sooner and with less debt.

The NRMP supports Rural Scholars programs and students interested in ensuring patient access to primary care in underserved areas.

The NRMP partners with military graduate medical education so military medical students can train in civilian residency programs as needed.

The NRMP is singular in its ability to effectively and efficiently place thousands of physicians into communities across the country. The Match ensures a robust physician pipeline and actively supports hospitals and clinics and the patients they serve.

NRMP Impact on Population Health_MRM and SMS

The NRMP is the organization most capable of monitoring national trends over time in specialty offer and fill rates.  Such trends can be impacted by global events like COVID-19 and can inform understanding of issues ranging from specialty competitiveness to physician burnout.


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