Maintain platforms and environments that incorporate the latest technology principles and frameworks to ensure participant data is protected from threat, that staff have the necessary resources to support constituents, and that the NRMP remains forward focused on delivering trusted and reliable results. 

Invest in and prioritize information technology that keeps matching services are safe and secure. In 2022, NRMP enhanced its focus on improvement of its cybersecurity posture and maturity in response to a continually evolving threat-landscape. A Director of Information Security was hired, and the NRMP implemented a modernized security awareness education program for its staff leveraging an industry leading vendor curriculum and phishing simulation platform.

Maintain an efficient, secure, modern, and effective workplace services infrastructure.  With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, the NRMP transitioned to a remote-first workplace for staff. Wanting to ensure the NRMP’s delivery of

high-quality service was not interrupted, a Manager of Digital Workplace Services was onboarded in 2022 to ensure seamless delivery of and access to the technology resources staff need to support Match participants.  Sustaining a modern and reliable workplace environment allows the NRMP to consistently deliver the services upon which its reputation is built.

Modernize webservices with API infrastructure for better data exchanges with our partners. In 2022 and 2023, NRMP has invested resources in developing its application programming interface for use with other medical education organizations to ensure efficient and reliable exchanges of data. With a robust cloud services infrastructure already in place, the NRMP’s new API resources serves to increase already high levels of security and integrity of participant data. 

Fortify and enhance R3 system. Every year the NRMP IT team implements enhancements of the R3 system.  Such enhancements for 2023 included allowing applicants to print their own Match letters on Match Day and offering applicants the ability to post pass/fall USMLE and COMLEX scores as part of Match registration. In 2022, the NRMP also upgraded its Oracle environment to support the storage and retrieval of R3 system data.



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