With 70 years of success as its foundation, the NRMP is poised to expand its expertise in matching and selection to new markets to foster recruitment practices that establish greater equity for applicants and reduce bias in selection outcomes.


Expanding Beyond Physician Matching. For several years the NRMP Board and leadership have considered the merits of expanding the NRMP’s matching market expertise to other communities. In 2022, the NRMP Board established the National Matching Program (NMP) for that purpose.  The NMP allows for partnerships with government agencies, higher education entities, and other not-for-profit organizations to provide matching services that minimize bias in selection for hiring or other placement opportunities.  The NMP encourages other industries to create a space of confidentiality, where parties can truthfully and safely rank preferred selection options, and builds on the NRMP’s 70-year history by helping new communities build fair, ethical, equitable, and transparent processes that provide applicants and hiring sites greater agency, more parity, and better outcomes.  The NMP

+ Leverages NRMP’s new iMatch technology to build customizable matching platforms;

+ Stays adaptive to the unique needs and cultures of other industries and builds policies as needed; and

+ Delivers comprehensive Match reports that help clients understand selection and outcome trends in their communities. 

Revenue generated by the NMP will be funneled back to the NRMP to help offset applicant registration fees, helping to address the financial burdens applicants face  during the transition to residency.

Building Technology for the Future. In 2020, the NRMP launched the build of a new matching platform that could be used to connect the NRMP with new communities and offer matching services to healthcare adjacent and non-medical entities. That technology, iMatch, came online in 2021 and grew in 2022 to support Matches for government and non-profit associations.

With iMatch, the NRMP developed a platform that is flexible, adaptable to the unique needs of consumers, and capable for supporting the development and implementation of a matching program in a matter of months.  In 2022, the iMatch system supported two non medical matching partnerships, and more are on the way.  The NRMP’s commitment to systems innovation is demonstrated not only in the creation of iMatch, but in the vision to leverage the technology, when appropriate, for use in resident matching -for-profit communities


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