NRMP published three versions of Charting Outcomes in the Match in 2018, including the first edition of the report for osteopathic senior students.  For the first time, the reports were made available on July 1 in order to assist applicants in determining to which specialties to apply.  Charting Outcomes in the Match reports were downloaded a combined 59,000 times.
In addition to the Results and Data Books for the Main Residency Match and the Specialties Matching Service, NRMP published the Results of the 2018 NRMP Program Director Survey, detailing the characteristics most important to programs when they consider which applicants to interview and rank.  The report was published in June and downloaded more than 16,000 times
In 2018, reports and publications continued to be among the most popular downloads on the NRMP website:
  • 2018 Main Residency Match Results and Data Book:  64,093 downloads
  • 2018 Main Match Results by State and Specialty:  33,602 downloads
  • Results and Data for SMS – 2018 appointments:  24,436 downloads
  • “Registering for Main Match for Applicants” Support Guide:  14,202 downloads


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